Jackson and Sara sampling at Russell Ranch

Anneliek, Christian, and Sara sampling at Bodega Bay

Sara, Joanne, Christian, and Anneliek at Hopland 

Sampling near the native classic cars and washing machines at McLaughlin Reserve

Laura sampling biochar-amended tomato plots at Campbell Tract (collaboration with Dani Gelardi and Sanjai Parikh)

Rose, Sara, and Laura sampling certified organic tomato plots during winter cover cropping at Russell Ranch

Peatland transect that we sampled near the SPRUCE experiment in Northern Minnesota

The Lab circa September 2018. Some of us used to like this photo, then some who shall not be named pointed out that it is super awkward. Now it is hard to unsee the awkward. Enjoy! Left to right: Sophia Yunanda, Joanne Emerson, Anneliek ter Horst, Sara Geonczy, Rose Bolle, Laura Zinke, Aurélie Bak, Winston Bess

Showing Rose and Winston around the lab after our first lab party (totally forgot to take pics at the party, oops). Left to right: Rose Bolle, Winston Bess, Laura Zinke, Quang Bui, and Eunice Chan

The lab before we populated it with humans and machines





The -80 freezer manual came with this helpful info: 

Helping with biochar amendments for Dani Gelardi’s experiment (collaboration with Sanjai Parikh’s lab). We are characterizing viruses from some of Dani’s experimental plots.



Joanne’s pre-UC Davis website (not maintained) is here.